Fashionable Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Social networking sites allow you to connect with your friends and family, with the help of pictures and statuses, where you express yourself. Imagine a site which enables you to express what you feel throughout the day with the help of your videos, won’t that be awesome? Videos can express more than still pictures or written words, for you can see the person for real. Keek allows you to do exactly that, it helps you build deeper connections with your friends and fans with the help of videos. The fashionable Kendall Jenner has made her profile on Keek, her second home. She has a strong base of fans and followers. Kendall wowed the world when she decided to start her modelling career in her early teens. She has been on numerous fashion magazines and done photo shoots with the likes of photographers like Nick Saglimbeni. Having already turned heads, in her various fashionable avatars, she says that she is interested in a career in acting, however she has been quoted saying that her main priority for the near future is her college education. What an intelligent little girl, isn’t she? Kendall’s younger sister by two years, Kylie Jenner is also super popular. With looks like an Armenian goddess, who won’t be?  She is currently the brand ambassador for Seventeen Magazine and has numerous covers and appearances to her credit. One of the many things which has brought her media attention and fame is her fashion aesthetics. Kylie Jenner’s style is refined, trendy and classy at the same time. Keek enables both Kendall and Kylie to present a more real picture of them-selves. The desire to know what celebrity kids are upto is no more a dream. If you want to be like them, follow their example and join

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